Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's Fun to Stay at the...

(You are secretly singing the song in your head right now with the trumpets blaring all disco style in the background right now aren't you?)
Yesterday was nutso. I went grocery shopping for the entire month, saw optometrist, bought gym shoes, picked up a letter from Blue Cross Blue Shield, found time to eat in there somewhere, and joined the Y-M-C-A. ::doing YMCA dance:::
I am now a card carrying member of the Y-M-C-A :::still flailing arms doing YMCA dance, bonked puppy with grandma jiggle-oops:::: I had a much better person giving me the tour she actually did and said everything she was supposed to do. I have an appointment with a real live trainer thingy at 2:00 I am vury vury excited.
I went and spent way too much money on vury cool shoes.

New Balance WX1010WB aka my new fantabulous shoes
You know what though, I think that I have spent money on stupid crap and shoes I don't wear that often and these shoes are going to be my best buddy on my journey to smallness. These shoes are going to walk me, exercise, bounce, etc. me to my new body. Shouldn't I put down a little coinage? Shouldn't I make sure the shoes I wear are going to protect my joints and back and knees and you name the hurty body part?! After all I am bouncing around 299 lbs on these puppies, they need to be good!
I went to the New Balance website and got all kinds of good info on these Cadillac shoes. For instance they help prevent plantar faciaitis which if you have ever had it you know it. It is an inflammation of the plantar tendons which are the ones that run from your toe joints to your heel. Let me tell you they hurt, I have to stretch my foot each morning before I get out of bed to prevent it from flaring. So as I am holding back the morning "Gotta go gotta go gotta go right now!" I am stretching my feetsus so I don't hobble in pain for the rest of the day. They also help the back of your heel stay in the back of the shoe so your feet aren't flying around inside the shoe and causing friction. They have special polymer thing ma dings that absorb shock on the heel so your foot will be able to work out longer. In short they are a bad ass shoe and this is an American company I am supporting so I am helping the economy out. Go buy some New Balance folks.
I weighed in again this morning and to my delight I am still holding firm to 299. Hooray huzzah and wubba wubba! It is nice to see that number be something other than a three at the beginning.
For some other unknown reason I rearranged my cabinets last night. I was putting up groceries and beginning to sound like Yosemite Sam in my frustration. At that point I said screw it and began pulling crap out of the cupboards and rearranging. I had to keep the fuzband from eating Sugar Babies given to us with a Christmas gift TWO YEARS AGO. He is justifying it by looking at the box and saying "Well there is no expiration date" I can just see it now, I am at his wake and they ask me how it happened. "I tried to tell him not to-(sniff) eat the Sugar Babies...(wail)."
I could not believe the number of boxes I had with ONE item in them. For example...huge ass box=one packet of oatmeal, huge ass box=one packet of apple cider. I grabbed the stack of baskets from one of my recent organizational binges and began getting all Martha Stewart. The next thing I know I have butt loads of room in my cabinets. Before you start thinking that I should be writing for Southern Living and all, let me inform you that my kitchen is so small you have to walk outside to change your mind. I HAVE to be organized or I can't fit all my food and cookware and plates and blah de kitchen appliance blah in there.
By the time my head hit the pillow there were parts of me hurting that I did not know were parts of my anatomy. I had to get SuperFuzband to bring me tylenol pm and water because at that point I was spent, done, finale, fin. Sort of like this post.

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Allison said...

Hi Amanda, thanks so much for your e-mail today! I really appreciate it, and thrilled to know you find me inspirational!
I feel you with the expensive sneakers. My husband and I decided to go to a running store to get fitted for running shoes, with the intention of eventually running a 5K (still hasn't happened). I laid down $95 for my New Balance shoes. But I absolutely love them! They fit better than any other sneaker I've ever owned, so well worth the value. And working out is so much nicer in great-fitting shoes!
Congratulations on losing 51 lbs. and getting below the 300 lbs. mark! That's awesome! I know with your new New Balance kicks, you'll be able to keep up with the losing. :)