Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Weigh In

Well I peeked between my fingers this morning to see 306. I am up eight pounds, hooray.
It is totally my fault between the lets eat here screw the consequences, back injuries, ankle injuries, pity eating, stress eating blah de blah eat blah.
The hard cold truth is I am back up over 300 and then some. I had been bouncing between 298 and 300 for some time and then booyow right up into 306.
I have made the official decision that I am going to go to the YMCA next week and join up. I am going to start water aerobics and some light weight lifting for my arms. I think maybe some tread mill or elliptical on the non water aerobics days. It will get me out of the house and and doing something good for myself. The Y is only a few miles away and about a 7 minute drive so I will easily be able to dash there and back without much effort.
I am kind of excited about it too. I have a swimsuit which is a little too tight which will be perfect to wear so nothing pops out and I don't ruin the nice ones I got for Disney. Plus those are the skirt kind and it looks like it has floated up on me and my bikini bottoms are showing.
So yeah, gained weight and hating it, but have a plan to fix it. I have had so much crap going on that it will be nice to not have anything going on so I can concentrate more on my health and weight loss efforts.
Tomorrow is another day and another opportunity to turn this boat around and get this weight off.
Gotta keep swimming.

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