Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hooty Hoo Hooty Hoo!

It is 1:11 AM on a Friday night/Saturday morning, am I at a night club, am I at a movie, am I sleeping, am I snuggly with the fuzband.....nooooooo! I am sitting here at my laptop while he is sitting next to me at his laptop. While he is working...bleh! He is on call for a company on the West Coast and as we reside here in the south we are three hours behind them. Sooo while they think it is only a little after ten we are yawning our behinds off.
I am happy to report that this morning I am 298. Yes ladies and germs we are now 52 pounds down! I now only have forty eight more until my OB is happy and I am happier!
Today I decided to make my own personal sabbath and become one with my couch as I turned into the Ipod DJ from Hades. I have been pushing myself non stop for the past two and a half weeks and decided I too needed a day of rest. Now I am regretting it because I am all achey and I have a little pent up energy.
I can tell that I am going to need to find some extra curricular activities sans house this weekend due to the fact it is now my husbands second worksite. I don't like to disturb him while he is making the free world turn via computer.
Since I am done with the marathon weight lifting championship of Elgin, SC aka moving my sister in I think I need to return to exercising normally. I need to check the weather and see if it will permit me to visit a park for a nice walk or something.

Since this post is somewhat boring..... I will present to you Doggy Pictures:
This is Flap Jack aka Flapper, Flap-a-roni- enjoying his first snow back in February.
He will be 1 (in human years) in July.

This is Mack aka Mack-a-roni, Mack-a-roni and cheese, shnoo shnoo, Flapamackaroni (when I am confused and tired) and what was one of his favorite toys.
It now has no head one leg, one arm, no tail and is no where near as clean (thanks to Flap)
Mack is a dashing four or five years old, I am not sure as he was adopted from Pets Inc.

This is Rusty who was my dog and I gave him to my Dad so I can have visits with him when ever I want and even a sleepover!
Rusty is about four or five years old, he was given to me by a dog groomer.
She had rescued him after his owners gave him up because he had mange.
I cannot imagine why he is the sweetest little roll of baloney on four legs!
My lil' NooNoo (don't ask, yes I need to hurry up and have a baby)

So until next time, keep your feet on the ground and your head out of the fridge.

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