Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Relief and SUCCESS

Normally OB appointments don't start off well or end well. Much to my surprise this one was actually pretty good. The first part that I normally dread, I was actually looking forward to. Ladies and germs I present to you 299, two hundred nintey nine, 2-9-9.....twoooo ninety niiiiiiine. Hooray huzzah......scream it from the mountain top.

The next coolest part was my Dr. did not give me the you are too fat speech blah blah fat blabbity fat blah. He actually gave me an atta girl for the fifty pounds lost. He also told me to keep going on my diet and did everything short of bust out the pom poms and do a split.

Apparently my baby garage is in excellent condition and ready for production. He said he would be super happy if I could be at 200 when I get pregnant but he said that he will be ok with 250. So for the next 6 months I am going to exercise like I have never exercised before, I am going to eat super healthy and watch those portions. I am going to be a lean mean diet machine! I am going to be smaller by Christmas by cracky!

Yes I want to buy a tacky Christmas sweater in a size 18 or maybe a 16!

Forty nine pounds until my OB is happy and I can throw the switch on the baby factory!

::pictures OB in a cheerleading outfit and me in a size 18:::

Yeah, life is good!

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