Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Missing Puck

Sorry to leave all one billion SuperPucky readers in the lurch during the fourth of July holiday. SuperWeezie and I decided to take a spur of the moment trip to Myrtle Beach. We had a fabulous time and on a budget to boot!
I was very excited that my stamina was right where it is supposed to be, I only got a little tired at the end of the day and that was nothing unusual. I really enjoyed getting honked at by a trucker. I am not kidding, it was nice to actually get honked at while I was pumping gas by a trucker. Once you get to be a certain size you stop thinking of yourself as being sexy anymore. I think I might actually be getting my mojo back. I don't want to get the big head or anything so I will keep that in check.
On to other news I did my first full work out at the YMCA since I left almost immediately after joining. It was fabulous, I have really missed being able to go to a gym and get away from everything. I put on my headphones and just pour myself into a work out. I got a handy dandy Ipod armband which made it very easy to switch tunes while exercising. I was feeling so good by the end of the work out and once I had gotten home and caught my breath I felt absolutely fantastic. I forget the high you get from the endorphins after working out.
I think the Wii fit was the springboard I needed back into true exercise. I was so embarrassed by my size when I started out. I felt like a baby bird flopping around in the nest trying to get my bearings. My balance was off, my coordination was horrid. After shedding the first fifty pounds I got a lot of that back. I see women who are the size I started out at and larger and my heart aches for them because I know how hard it is. I wonder if anyone looks at me and thinks the same thing...
On to other subjects I have decided to rejoin the workforce temporarily. After looking at the amount of debt that we have I thought it might be good to get some of it paid down before we add a SuperPuckette or Fuzbaby to the family. So off to the races I went today all quaffed and gussied up and what not. I actually have a few interviews lined up right off the bat. I am bouncing between temping and waiting tables. Both offer instant money fairly quickly so I am going to see which one happens to give me a job and which pays better. Waiting tables may be a great way to help my weight loss endeavors as well. All that running around for water and sweet tea is bound to help. We shall see.
Pictures from Myrtle Beach are coming I just have to crop and fix and brighten etc..
Until then keep your feet on the ground and your head out of your cereal bowl.

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