Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rabba Flabba Frickis Frackis Flarn and Filth!

Don't you hate it when your brain is screaming goooo and your body answers NOOOO? I in my infinite wisdom decided that I was going to do a little shopping today. SuperWeezie informed me that we are out of creamer and that would be a travesty if that happened! So I decided to fire up the ol' Rav 4 and head for Ulta and Wally World. Ok it is about half way through Wal Mart when I start realizing that I am out of steam. I mean I have barely made it through my trip and I am feeling wiped out completely. After conquering 52 pounds and seven miles a day at Disney I can certainly handle a short trip for hair products and groceries....right? Wrong!
I am on the verge of dropping just a few more pounds and what stands in my way, TOM, and UTI. Damn you you three letter acronyms for things that make women miserable! (shaking fist)
I am in the zone, I am on cruise control, I am the calorie counting queen and I cannot drop weight because I cannot move my behind! Can you tell that I am frustrated? I spent years and I do mean years gaining weight and being extremely lazy. Now that I am motivated and wanting to move around and exercise and get to where I need to be I can't!
Perhaps this is the dear sweet Lord trying to help me learn patience. I am still getting accustomed to doing things at a smaller size. Things like: being able to sit up from a laying position without help from my arms, getting up from the floor without taking 20 minutes, squatting, getting on hands and knees, and getting up and down from a chair with ease are just a few of the exciting things I can do now. My brain has not quite wrapped itself around the idea of being four sizes smaller yet. Maybe he put this road block in my way to make me stop and smell the roses and be proud of myself. After all isn't it about the journey not the destination?

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