Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Prison Break and Mr. Wizard

Happy to report body is catching up with the mind...finally. I was actually able to accomplish most of the goals I had set out for myself today. Unfortunately mother nature was to blame for the wash out of my Home Depot project. I was going to be all Mr. Wizard and build this box thingy to cover up my attic door. According to Bob Villa, the EPA and every green wearing tree hugger it will cut down on your electric bill. So I am going to probably curse and make a mess tomorrow while hopefully building this box thingy.
My other project is purchasing two by fours for my back yard. The wood is for dig outs aka Flap and Mack reinact Prison Break in my back yard every time they see a pretty red headed retriever wagging her tail down the street.
Of course after the A/C fella finishes his paperwork and what not the sky decides to just pour buckets and lightning and biblical flood like storming. I am not complaining because said A/C fella somehow managed to get his boss to let him install free intake registers in SuperWeezie's and the master bedroom. This will allow us to sleep with the doors closed and it will not make the A/C run constantly and it won't be hotter in our rooms. Hooray!
So needless to say the box materials and the two by fours are still at Home Depot and Mack and Flap have one more night to plan the great escape.

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