Monday, June 29, 2009

Prancity Prance

Hello Ladies and Germs! I am happy to report to you today that I am back to 299! Yes, I am nearly back to my lowest in a decade and am happy to announce that I feel spectacular. I have been doing work outside like washing cars, attempting to weed eat etc. Even though the weather has resembled the surface of the sun I have managed to get out and leave about a pound of sweat behind everyday.
I have cleaned my entire house and I have made it a point to try to do something physical each day. I have also been trying to keep the insane eating at bay while exercising. This has proven difficult as when I exercises my appetite seems to increase as well. I cannot wait to get back to 298 and I look forward to a new decade low of 297.

I have ordered a new swimsuit and cover up in anticipation of joining the YMCA and taking water aerobics. I was very pleased with my superior shopping skills, I got a 96.00 swimsuit and a 48.00 cover up for 55.00 which includes shipping and tax. I was whipping out coupons and discount cards and winking at my computer. Voila super nice swimsuit even better price. I am trying out something new, a "shortini" swimsuit which is two pieces one is a pair of shorts with sewn in panties and the other is a tank top type deal with a built in bra. I am very excited to get them and try them on. Until then I will wear an old stand by swimsuit to class. Now I have to locate a swimming cap so I don't turn my hair green.
I am excited about my weight loss again and the frustration seems to be behind me now. I understand why I got frustrated and I can now put that into perspective and leave it behind. I think one of the best things I am learning through my weight loss endeavors is I am learning more about myself and how my mind works. I am paying more attention to my eating habits and my mood. When I feel rushed, tired, or unprepared I try to use that as an excuse to over eat. I think I need to think around myself and start carrying emergency snacks with me to tide me until I can make it to healthy food. I think I also need some easy quick fix meals at home so I don't use the excuse that "There is nothing pulled out of the freezer", or the classic "I'm too tired to cook". I have also had to learn to listen more carefully to my body. When I am tired I rest, when I am grouchy I usually need food or rest, when I am energetic I get up and move. The more I try to respond to my body's urges the better I feel and the more I feel motivated. I know that this is a cycle and the frustration will return with plateaus and possible up swings in weight will as well. I know that I need to take these in stride and not use them as a reason to throw my hands up and dive into the nearest cheesecake or McDonalds. I am also recognizing that depriving myself of certain kinds of foods can lead me down a unhealthy path. I need to try to find some healthy alternatives to my all time favorite cheat foods. There are certain foods that if I eat them then I go off the deep end and start binging. Everyone has their own personal bevy of things they eat that lead down a ugly path of empty wrappers and guilt. For me it is hot fudge nut sundaes, french fries, hamburgers, tater tots, cake with icing (of just about any kind), potato chips (the uber yummy kind like original ruffles), pimento sandwiches, egg salad sandwiches, and there are a few more but I don't want to sit here and obsess any longer. Speaking of food and obsessing and stuff and things I gotta get to the grocery store. Ta ta for now!

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