Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I am turning into a bear

I have gone from not enough sleep to hibernation mode. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining. I am overjoyed at the sleep! I just feel like I can't get enough. I feel like my body has been taken over by space aliens and I don't know how to react to it. I guess if you think about it, in a way it has been sort of taken over by an alien (baby). OMG I just called my baby an alien! Well it does have a big head and is tiny and is controlling my entire life from inside me.
I am waiting/ scratch that impatiently stamping my foot waiting for my HR manager to call me. I sent her an email yesterday requesting that we meet this week. I wanted to discuss my "condition" and my upcoming Dr. appointments to see if this was going to be problematic and I should just go find another job. I am all about getting straight to the point. I hate the stupid dance of "Are you going to put up with me being an employee and a mommy? Or am I just going to get canned after you get aggravated with the monthly/bimonthly/weekly appointments so I am screwed in my third trimester and unable to get a job?" Have I been thinking about this much...NOOOO what ever gave you that impression?
I hate obsessing, I hate the unknown, I hate the unpredictable, I hate them all UGH! So you know this whole pregnancy thing has been spectacular for those particular hates right? My body is unpredictable, my life is unpredictable, EVERYTHING is unpredictable now. Everything right now is a gigantic question mark.
Would anyone like some cheese to go with my whine about right now? I am sorry I just had to get that off my chest. Lord knows it is overloaded right now anyways.

Monday, September 28, 2009

It Isnt Easy Being Green

Yes it is easy to be green actually. I have been green most of this weekend. Green and stooped over calling God on the big white phone. Ahh I couldn't have POSSIBLY escaped pregnancy without barfing my brains out.
Don't forget that romantic 2:15 AM jaunt to the ER with the most excruciating GERD flare up ever. Yes fuzband and I spent three fun filled time wasting hours going to the ER only for the symptoms to subside by the time I actually got to go to a bed. I opted to leave before I had to wait another two and a half hours to actually see the doctor. I figured that if it had gone away then I was out of any real danger. Since I had been riding the vomit comet all night long on Saturday then you know Sunday was even more fun. My poor beat up digestive system was achy and painful. I learned how to fall asleep while nauseated. I think it was plain being exhausted.
Good news is that I woke up today with no nausea and little to no crampiness. I decided to take things easy and ate banana and a bowl of oatmeal. I feel pretty good, I am still a little tired but I think that is to be expected.
Last night fuzband and I went to bed at about 4:00 and did not get up until about 9:00 AM today. I usually rotate around like a chicken on a spit but I managed to get in some pretty awesome sleep. Yes, blessed wonderful great awesome spectacular....SLEEEEEP.
My CVS test has been scheduled for the middle of next month. I am hoping the fact that I have to take off for two Dr. appointments almost immediately after being hired won't screw up my job. I feel torn though, I am NOT sacrificing the well being and health of my child for a job. At the same time I need my job to pay off bills. I am just hoping that my job will understand, if not I will have to look for another job I suppose.
I hate being stuck in this position. I wish I could just stay at home and worry about being a good Mommy and not so much about money. We must do what needs to be done and soldier on. In the end it will all result in me being able to stay at home indefinitely. If I try to stay at home now I will constantly be looking over my shoulder for that one "thing" that will cause me to have to go back to work. I want to tell my baby no because I don't want them to have something, not because I can't afford it.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Ok so I can get all pregnant looking now

Oh happy day, my mommy clothes have gotten here. After using several pillows and finding just the right one I used it as a placebo baby. I tried them on and dare I say I looked...cute. I looked all mommy-ish. I mean I am sure my face will be much more puffy and my behind may be a bit bigger but I picked out shirts and pants that make being Mommy look pretty darn fetching. I think I got some threads that will take me from now until after the baby is born. I tried to follow all the Girlfriend's guide to pregnancy advice and buy: lightweight, stretchy, cotton, button down (for nursing), big enough, yet flattering clothing that will be suitable for work and home. That wasn't such a tall order to fill was it? I even got a pair of stretchy jeans with a big elastic waist that will more than accommodate me and superbaby.
I can still wear most of my clothes now and fortunately still have a few older bigger clothes to wear so I think I have enough of the size spectrum. I don't think I am going to run out of things to wear.
This morning was absolutely blissful. I woke up and ran to the potty as normal. Then I went RIGHT, BACK TO SLEEP! Oh, there was a low trumpet flourish and a beam of soft light went over my face as I drifted back off to night night land with Flap Jack and Rusty as my wingmen...um..er...wingdogs. I slept until 10:00 and it was everything I hoped it would be. I am really going to enjoy this last week of freedom and excessive sleeping.
The food cravings are in full swing, I have craved hamburgers, veggies, fruit, every dairy product you could possibly name, mac and cheese, baked potatoes, sweet potatoes, more veggies, chinese veggies, and did I mention I be lovin' on some veggies? I sort of roll with the cravings because 9 times out of 10 they are for healthy things. Speaking of food I have to go grocery shopping. I think this might be scary due to the amount of hunger I have been exhibiting, I may need to eat immediately prior to shopping. I can see it now I would come home with nothing but cheese, ore ida fries, and microwavable pizza and hamburgers.
Now off to make that grocery list....

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Baby Mama Update

I got canned today. I don't mean people were pelting me with Green Giant nibblets corn. I mean I was "let go", "released from my position", "fired", "ousted", "laid off", "kicked to the curb" etc.
Yes the supervisor I was working for at my temp. job left for the rest of the week (which he neglected to inform me and the temp service of) and a new woman took his place.
A evil shrew of a woman that shall not be named but rhymes with spaniel gave me the heave ho. She was absent for the first week and a half I worked there and when she returned hell came on her heels like flying monkeys. She was crabby, bitchy, PMS-ey, and scary to everyone but the other temp Kim and me. She was scrawny (yes I am going to hate on skinny women for a minute, sorry girls) and looked like she need a good meal, some hot sex, and a big giant margarita. She was horribly uptight, if you had a dull pencil I am sure you could use her ....ok I won't go there.
The first supervisor was very pleased with my performance and all was going along swimmingly until Ms. Voldemort showed up and wielded her bony hips at us and hissed like a possum caught in a trap. I tried to quit twice with the temp service only to be talked down out of the tree. As I suspected our days were numbered and when we returned from lunch today we were informed that "They no loner needed us."
All I have to say is good riddance. I have another job lined up and ready to go, this job was a nice stop gap and some much needed extra income. I am already tired, cranky and a little stressed. Who needs this crap!?
I do however feel for my new found friend who needed the job more than I did. She is a single Mom trying to bust back into the workforce and was hoping the position would last longer than it did. I am going to try to help her find something by perusing careerbuilder and monster in search of employment. Anyone reading can you please say a little prayer for her? God knows who she is and will help her and her baby out.
I am so blessed to have a good husband, a good job, and so far a healthy pregnancy. Meeting my new friend reminded me of how very fortunate I am and that I need to be grateful for everything I have in my life. I am VERY fortunate and VERY blessed. Thank you God!
As far as my pregnancy goes I am still feeling tired. The achy boobage comes and goes. It is not as bad as it was next week, but I am sure that will change. I am starting to have some days with better energy levels which is encouraging.
I ordered four nursing/maternity bras from breakoutbras.com and they arrived today. I am soooo happy I got them now. I tried one on about an hour ago. It felt so good I am still wearing it. It is 100% cotton cups and straps and it feels like HEAVEN. Nothing is hurting, everything is where it should be and I can't feel the bra. It is that comfortable. I see a second order for more in my future.
I went online and bought some maternity like shirts from Avenue, lots of empire waists and baby doll style button down shirts. I am taking a cue from some of the books I have been reading that recommend buying something you can wear long after the baby is born so you can nurse easily and comfortably. I got a few pairs of knit straight leg pants in 30/32 so I can accomodate my belly comfortably and not look like I am wearing tights. I figure I will wear what I own now until they get to small and save the big pants for the third trimester. I got a super deal on the pants only 15.00 each! The shirts were all under 20.00. I think between what I have and what is coming I will be a stylish Mommy.
I went to my first OB appt. last Monday and got a flu shot, had blood drawn, was told I was pregnant (surprise!..? heh). I asked about a gazillion questions and was very pleased with all the answers. I asked for a CVS test (Chorionic Villus Sampling), it is where you take a sample of the fine hair like projections from the placenta and they test it for a multitude of genetic problems. It can screen out Tay Sachs, Downs Syndrome, and a bunch more I can't remember. The bestus part is they can tell me the sex of the baby! I will probably go in for it in about two weeks. It is done going up the birth canal vs. a gigantic scary needle like amnios are done. Much less panic enducing. I am getting this done just because I am a plus size pregnancy and I am close to 35. I would like to make sure everything is going well in there with my Superbaby. The other cool part is that they will have to do an ultrasound so I get to hear my baby's heartbeat two weeks earlier than I would if I waited until my 12 week check up. YAY! I will bring tissues with me.
When I was at my appointment I couldn't help but look around at the new and expectant Mommy's around me, I made a mental note to try to be a little more diligent about my appearance. Perhaps I will get to the point where I am too big or too tired to care. I hope not.
I will make another post soon as I can and try to keep you up to date.
Until next time keep your feet off the coffee table and your finger out of your nose.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Working Girl

What SuperBaby looks like right now
I know my posts have been a little sparse lately. For that I do apologize. I have had a little bit extra on my plate lately.
I have been working a temp job and I thought it would be no big deal. Of course I thought that BEFORE I found out about Superbaby. It is amazing that something the size of a donut sprinkle can cause you to feel like you have run a marathon all day. I get home from work and I am ready to eat the first thing I see (run doggy run!). After I have found something to devour I go find my new best friend, Mr. Couch. Mr. Couch is my buddy, he is my pal, he is so comfy and loves me so.
I am really getting sick of the painful boobs which are getting bigger. That just plain frightens me. I have always been extra "blessed" when it comes to my spectacular boobage. Now I am frightened of what the titty fairy will be bringing me for Christmas. The Titty Fairy is a product of "The Girlfriends Guide To Pregnancy" which I HIGHLY recommend for anyone who is pregnant or thinking of being pregnant. It tells you everything from the amazing gas that you get to the weird sex dreams, to pooping during labor. Pretty much everything your Doctor won't tell you.
I also feel like I am getting ready to start my period at any second because I have what feels like the start of cramps all the time. Fortunately they are not the curl up in bed and cry cramps they are the "Oh Crap Where is my Tampons!?" cramps. (I know TMI, TMI, sorry you are just going to have to bear with me during this whole pregnant thing.)
I have my first appointment next week. Oh joy a pelvic exam! What I always wanted!!! I will bring you an update on all the news the Dr. has to give.
Why did they just have to show pancakes on TV!? I love pancakes, I love them almost as I love the Fuzband. Ok well maybe not that much, but, I do love them. Now I want pancakes and the pork chops in the kitchen are just not going to look the same.
I finally heard back from the "permanent" job I was waiting on and have been offered a position. Ironically enough I had scheduled an interview about three hours prior because I had not heard from the "permanent" job. There is no stress here because I know I HAVE a job. I am entertaining the idea of working for them vs. desperate and begging.
Until next time keep your feet on the ground and your underwear out of your butt.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Buns Anyone?

I am probably going to be chastised by someone for announcing this "too" early. SuperPucky is SuperPreggy. Seven weeks to be exact.
Ok, you may get off the floor and return to your seated/laying/floating/orbiting position.
It was September 10th approximately 7:00 PM and I was killing time before I met the Fuzband for dinner. I decided to buy a pregnancy test for sh*ts and giggles since TOM was over a week late. I knew that the result would be negative because it was the week before. I just knew this was a waste of time. Hey, I had an hour to kill and I had to pee so what the hell!
I decided that the Wal Mart bathroom was the best place to pee on a stick and settled to do my business. I fought with the wrapper cursing it silently in the stall and finally got it open. Then I whizzed on the end of it and sat it on top of the toilet paper dispenser to watch the ONE pink line show up. Before the test could completely finish it's two minute requirement TWO lines were staring me in the face. I had already read the instructions on the box and on the test itself. I had to read them again and again. Two lines meant that you are preggers. TWO lines 1,2...one two ment that you are going to have a baby omgyouaregoingtohaveababyomgomgomg!!!
At that point it took everything I had in my being to not scream at the top of my lungs in the handicapped stall of a Wal Mart bathroom for fear someone would think I was mental. I tried to hold in the tears of happiness as I walked out of the bathroom. How crazy would I look coming out of the bathroom at Wallyworld with a goofy smile on my face crying my eyes out.
I called my SuperWeeze before I even made it to the car. Within thirty minutes half of the east coast knew I had ye' old bun in oven. The one person who didn't know was the most important, SuperDaddy. I thought it best to tell him in person lest he put his car upside down on the side of the interstate. That and the fact that he was due any minute to meet me for dinner. In the romantic light of the Mexican restaurant sodium lights I gleefully showed him my two lined surprise.
Now I have hurty tatas and crampiness and smellavision and a little bit of disbelief that in the first week of May I will be welcoming a new person into the world.
I am now working a temp job and I am waiting on my "permanent" job to call me back and tell me that I for reals have a job. The "permanent" job was calling all of my references and checking my job history last week so I assume I should hear something within the next few days.
My life is pretty much inside out and upside down right now and I have this strange feeling of "it is all good" mixed with mild hysteria. I am just rolling with it at the moment.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Depeche Mode, Employment, and other Developments

Lots o' things happening in the world of Puck right now. Good things, interesting things, weird things and stuff.
Last week I was sooooo sick. Fuzband and I both got a nasty little cold, went to the Dr. got meds and guess who got sicker and who got better? Yes, was I the Lady of the Perpetual Whine and Sneeze who got very, very, very sick. As of today I can officially announce almost one week later I am back to 100%.
I have modified my diet to accommodate the flaming basketball reflux problem. I am avoiding all things acidy and drinking milk and eating small meals and blah de healthy blah blah. The only good thing that came of the vomit-go-round and the illness is the fact that I went from the brink of 299 to back to 291. I hate to lose weight that way, but, I will take lower numbers when I can get them!

Went to Atlanta last week (pre-illness) saw Depeche Mode, they rocked it out......best Concert EVER! I absolutely loved the stage show and the music was amazing. If this show ever comes near you I highly recommend it. I was actually able to snag a T-shirt that FIT yes I got a 2x and the thing fits! This is so way cool considering I have not been able to buy a shirt with a neat logo on it or design because my awesome boobage was too large.
The show was held in an amphitheater and the weather actually cooperated and was even on the coolish side. The atmosphere was very cool people were actually tailgating outside the concert blasting DM from their car speakers. Very very cool people, very very cool crowd. I met some really awesome DM fans and had the time of my life.
For concert accommodations I went on Priceline.com (yes I bet you are picturing William Shatner about right now doing his karate moves) and got the Fuzband and my girlfriend rooms at the Sheraton Atlanta for 50.00 each! The hotel was very, very nice but difficult to maneuver around in. There were two towers so each room had a north and a south twin. The staff was wonderful with the exception of the valets who practically attacked us upon arrival.
I have gotten a job, almost, I have taken the drug test and signed the offer letter. I am now waiting on a phone call to tell me that I have passed all obligatory background checks. A call to confirm that I have been offered a position with them O-ficially. This job process has given me the lab rat feeling, when exactly do I get that cheese? Not only do I have that iron in the fire, but I am working a temp job tomorrow and the next few days. Pretty simple, sit down call people and verify information for an online school, make 9.00 an hour. Yea!
Since I have the impending jobs coming up I needed to bolster my wardrobe with another pair of dress/casual pants and a pair of black shoes. Off to Avenue I went coupons in fist. Now from previous posts you have heard my tales of woe about wearing umpteen different sizes at different stores. So I was fully prepared to try on three or four sizes in each pant I tried on. To my delight the clerk found the perfect khaki's at a decent price. Do you know what size I wore? Do you? Hmmm? A twenty freakin' two! Holycrapomgwowzer! Yes the size 26 pants actually were SAGGY! They didn't have any 24's in that style so I was forced to try on a pair of 22's and they fit! They really fit! I mean yes they are a little snug here and there but that is nothing that cannot be smoothed out with the proper pair of Spanx. I am actually opting to buy my clothes slightly small right now so I don't shrink out of them when my weight goes down again. I actually bought a few shirts on clearance in anticipation of needing them when my other shirts begin to get a little too big.
Of course Avenue being Avenue I could not resist picking up a short sleeved light weight red ribbed sweater. (was that enough adjectives there for ya?) A long sleeved black one button lightweight cardigan and boots. Yes the mostest awesomest boots. I felt like Wonder Woman prancing around in the boots. The superhero feeling was there for several reasons, 1. I could put on a pair of boots with a heel 2. I could actually walk in them 3. They are flattering 4. they are stylish and in fashion. I got a pleather black pair with a nice little chunky heel and a pair of chocolate suede espadrille heel pair. How much did I spend for all the loot you ask? 102.00 for all of it. Yes, you read correctly two pair of boots, one pair of pants, one shirt and a cardigan for 102.00. I am still reeling myself, I saved over 50.00 in coupons and sale prices. I claim shopping coux of the week!
Lastly TOM is conspicuously missing. He was supposed to be here on September 2nd if you go by the last two cycles or he was supposed to be here on the seventh or eighth if you go on what my cycles USED to be. Umm today is now uh the 10th and we have no TOM. I took a pregnancy test about a week and a half ago when he first went missing and it came up negative. Now I am wondering should I go back and get another? Is TOM just hiding out because of all the stress and illness or is there a bun in the oven????? Will keep you updated.
Until next time keep your feet on the ground and your fingers out of your nose.