Friday, June 19, 2009

Random Picture Blog for Fun

My Mom and My sister Louise, this was BP (Before SuperPucky)
Christmas of 1966

This was my family the mid 60's
My Mom, SuperPop, SuperWeezie, Dottie, and my brother Rob
This was taken in Hawaii around Christmas.
I wouldn't be around for about 9 years.

This is a picture from 2006 I am all dressed up to See Glenn Beck in person
Was a great show, very funny, too bad he is all about politics now.

This Picture is from Halloween 2001
I don't know why I look like I am in pain, but funny picture never the less.

This is a picture that makes me laugh but I hope that won't get me in too much trouble.
This is from a souvenier shop at Myrtle Beach on my honeymoon in 2007.

This is me putting the moves on Homer on my Honeymoon in April of 2007

Another photo of me from October of 2001 this was shortly after I had given myself bangs. Thank God they had grown out a little.

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