Sunday, May 31, 2009

Busy B (Buzzzzzzz)

I have been so busy lately that I forgot tomorrow is my big Dr. appointment. I am going to make sure that the baby factory is in order before the fuzband and I start up the production line. Now that I have remembered it is tomorrow I have begun to worry. I am nervous about it. Very nervous, it isn't just the, will my butt actually fall off the table when I am asked to inevitably scoot to the end of the table, but for real nervous. Have I waited too long to have a baby, will they find that my ovaries have packed up and left for parts unknown? I hate the unknown variable, the when and who and why and things I am out of control of.
For instance the whole baby thing. I have no control what so ever of when and where I get pregnant and that bothers me. I would love to say you know I think I would like to get pregnant in late spring so I won't be sweating to death by the end of the summer. Oh no I am at the fate of little ity bitty teensy weensy little tadpole looking guys and an egg!
So at 11:00 o' clock ish tomorrow when I am being told to "relax...just let your leg fall to the side" (YEAH RIGHT!) think of me and send up a little prayer for courage and grace.

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