Friday, April 24, 2009

Blast Off For Mouse World

This time tomorrow morning I will be in orbit of Orlando. The Fuzband, sister and I will be truckin' down 95' like a heard of turtles.
Knock on wood the back is behaving itself. I have managed to get 98% packed up. I will be finishing up tonight.
Fuzband wants to leave at midnight to avoid weekend traffic and I think he is spot on. Orlando and Jacksonville traffic (shudder).
I am completely amazed we managed to cram a weeks worth of stuff into six suitcases for two cosmetic and toiletry addicted girls and get David's stuff in there too.
I am also amazed that a panic attack has not set in because I had so much stuff to do. I find myself today being able to tie up all the loose strings.
I had to leave my Flapper (my dachshund) and my Mackaroni (my Jack Russell) with my Poppa, and boy that was hard. Since Flapper is only 8 months old and he is my substitute child I am still feeling separation anxiety here. I haven't left him with anyone. Anyone who isn't a dog lover is looking at this screen like I have an extra boob. I am going to actually upload some photos for your enjoyment today.
There will be Disney Photos posted when I get back. If I can get to a wi fi spot I will try to blog a note or two. The giant mouse wants to charge 10.00 a day for internet access! You get that F-R-E-E that spells free ( at credit report dot com baby...sorry couldn't help that) at Embassy Suites and Days Inn and cheap hotels. A moderate resort at Disney wanted a little over 80.00 so I could have access. (Sigh) I will probably be going through withdrawal by the time I get home. Don't be surprised if I have a few blogs done off line...if I am not too exhausted.
Well folks I will miss you.
See ya real soon! Ha ha! (poor Mickey imitation)

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