Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just a little Update

Things are interesting and exciting right now here are a few things of note:
1. I am preparing for a week long trip to Disney World (uproarious cheers and hurrah)

2. I just got my new to me car '01 Malibu and it is purty and it was cheap a steal at 4,000.00 (go me)

3. I am now a 307-yes 307 I am only 7 pounds from watching that first number change to a 2 a number two it has been almost five years since I have been below 300.

4. I am now a size 24W/26W at Catherines, which is a 30 just about everywhere else, so I am just a few inches away from not having to shop at exclusive plus size shops.

5. My ankles are reappearing, I have had a missing persons report out on them for years now, but I believe we have found them.

6. I went to Olive Garden tonight and only ate 1/2 of a bread stick, one small bowl of salad and a selection off the low fat menu of which I boxed up half of. (I almost passed out at my level of restraint. Normally I would order a plate of cheese covered cheese with cheese sauce)

7. At the dealership yesterday I was walking up an extremely steep grade and realized that I wasn't wheezing, out of breath or about to attach myself to the salesman's leg and beg for mercy.

Life is good. Thank you God!

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