Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Readjusting into the "Real" World

After leaving mouse induced bliss land, coming back to reality is not all it is cracked up to. No one magically makes my bed for me while I am out having fun. All the cooking and post clean up is not done for me. I don't get a call from a Disney character to wake me in the morning and remind me that I am in the most magical place ever. My house is not surrounded by a river and magnolia trees and a horse drawn carriages full of smooching lovers.
Yes I return to a yard needing mowing, a car that needs fixing, a house that needs cleaning, a fridge that needs filling, a fill in the blank that needs to be done by me. Oh yeah and we are now
on super tight budget mode so fun is now officially over.
Why is it I wanted to leave Disney?
Oh yeah to come home!
Ok enough with the whine tasting party.
Disney World was absolutely amazing. I enjoyed every day. It was full of all my favorite characters and enjoyment that I was craving. I started out strong sticking to the diet and then half way through it all went to hell in a hand basket, (or maybe a rocket fuel powered car). I ate every yummy thing at every meal by half way through the trip. I am happy to say that it only made me gain 1.3 pounds. So I didn't completely undo everything done prior to the trip.

I am also happy to report that I was able to hoof it all over Disney with a minimal amount of pain. I think I had the normal amount of "OMG I just walked 15,000 steps today pain." I think even the most toned athletes dogs would be barking after that little jaunt. We averaged around 10,000 to 14,000 steps per day which converts from 5 to 7 miles PER DAY!

I think the last few days have been "recovery" time for myself, sister and fuzband. We have all been really tired, and lethargic. I think the fuzband pushed himself a little too hard driving and was feeling exceptionally ill on Monday. My back has been hollering mercy for a few days now. Apparently walking 5 to 7 miles, bouncing around on rides, cars, trams, buses, monorails, carriages, are not my lower back's idea of fun. I am reporting to you right now from my couch after eating advil and muscle relaxer. Oh and I had to take my fuzband's grandmother to the airport which meant Monday clocked two hours driving and Tuesday nearly four and a half hours driving which included rush hour in Charlotte NC coming from the Airport.

My beloved doggies will be delivered by my sister within the next hour. I didn't realize how much I would miss those little guys until I spotted a service dog at Disney and my heart yearned for the love of my Flapper and Mack-a-roni. I have been without them for almost two weeks.

I think I am a weird person because I am a creature of routine and when my routine is broken I feel very scattered and chaotic. I have a tough time falling back into a routine and sometimes it takes me longer than the average bear to get used to it. I am having a super tough time with sleeping because I have been so exhausted over the last few days. I am also having a hard time getting used to being back home. Between the back pain and the upside down schedule I am feeling a little weird. Hopefully things will feel more normal by tomorrow.

More Mouseworld reports and updates to come later.

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