Saturday, April 18, 2009

Auto Body, My Achin' Body and Mickey

Who knew I had a knack for auto body? The chipped off paint and minor damage to the front end of my new old car was bothering me. So I googled paint repair and read away. Off to Advanced Auto Parts for paint, clear coat, primer and sand paper. (Oooh sounds like I really know what I am talking about) After much cussing yesterday and sanding and aggravating the muscles in my lower back I am almost done. I have to say for a first try it doesn't look half bad. The beautiful part about it is, I know how to screw it up and I know how to do it correctly! So if I get the urge I can re do the parts that aren't as pretty as the ones I did well on.
Something else I wanted to touch on, is if you are going to buy a used car insist on getting the Carfax report. I got mine after the fact and discovered a recall on my car. I knew I wasn't driving a Lexus off the lot so I wasn't surprised at a few bugs here and there. I discovered that the turn signal has tourrettes syndrome. It would click at the oddest times, and would continue clicking long after turning off. Then it died all together. When I looked up the recall on my handy dandy carfax report low and behold, the recall was for the turn signal/hazard light assembly. Dun dun duuuuun! I called chevy gave them my vin and voila the robot lady told me that there was an open recall on my car. I took it to the dealership and got a once over the entire car and I got the problem solved for..... NOTHING. Goose egg, zero, nada, zip, zilch, nothing, absosmurfly no money. WOO HOO! Thank you Carfax!
On to other news, I hate my lower back.
(Just for those of you thinking you are smarty pants my back was bothering me before I turned into auto body girl so that was not the cause.)
Wouldn't you know the week before I head off to Disney it decides that "I am not happy and I am going to let you know it.". It is sending these mind-numbingly painful bursts of pain straight up my spine. When does this happen, whenever it wants to. I could be picking up a dish from the table, unlocking my car, petting my dog, turning around to walk through the kitchen, climbing a rock wall, you know the usual. So off to my Dr. who applauded me on my weight loss so far and the exercising. He sent me off with some meds for my poor back.
Let me tell you this troops, I don't care if I am on one of those carts that beep when you back up. I am going to Disney. Oh yes, I am going to Disney if I have to put one of those old ass AaAOOOoooga horns on a wheelchair and motor myself around Disney it is happening! NOTHING short of a hurricane will keep me from my mouse induced bliss.
So I have to "try" to take it easy on my back while I get ready for a week long trip. (HAH)


MargieAnne said...

That kind of shooting pain is ..... gasp .... breath stoppingly awful. Do hope the Dr.has an answer.


Amanda aka SuperPucky said...

Thanks MargieAnne, my husband gave me a wonderful back rub last night. I used at Tens machine, it is the kind that they use to stimulate muscles in physical therapy after a massage and work out. My mother in law gave it to me. I felt so good today that I was able to rake in the back yard. Now I am a little sore but much better. Thank you! Bless you too!