Friday, April 10, 2009

Praise the Lord and Bypass the Easter Basket (and other ramblings)

I cut my own hair.

No, I don't look like a three year old gave me the Barbie hair make over with blunt scissors, which frankly surprises me. The last time I tried to trim my own bangs I ended up looking like complete moron with too short crooked bangs. I haven't tried it since 10 years ago. All I wanted was some bangs and I didn't feel motivated to pay even the cheapest place 11.00 to whack off three inches of hair. I sucked it up, got out a comb, the sheers and took a deep breath. Much to my delight the results are actually kind of dare I say....cute.

I promise I will take some photos and up load some photos of me at different sizes so you folks will know that I am not a head in a jar with an elaborate typing mechanism.

My body is aching right now. I got a little too enthusiastic with my Wii Fit. You don't realize how hard you are exercising when you are having so much fun. If you could transport yourself back about three years and told me I would use exercise and fun in the same sentence I would laugh at you. It really gives you a full body work out. Since I have added it to my weight loss team I am seeing inches disappear as well as pounds. Who knew that pretending to hula hoop and dodging imaginary soccer balls would move me toward my goals.

When I was whizzing around Wal Mart today I noticed a peculiar feeling. I noticed the crotch of my pants was gravitating toward my knees. My new jean capri pants were slipping down. When I bought them in February they were my $9.00 steal of the year from Catherines. They fit perfectly and looked great. Less than two months later they are big enough to pull down without being unzipped.

I have gone so long without having any type of success that it is strange for me to have these things happen. So if anyone out there thinks I am bragging I am not. I am truly exuberant to report these little blessings I am having.

Easter is Sunday, I have always looked forward to Easter with excitement. All the candy, chocolate, sugar covered marshmallow heaven, and mmmmm Easter eggs. This year I am not going to have any of it. I am focusing on the reason for Easter and the gathering of the family. I am not focusing on the food for a change.

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