Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I need a Pre Vacation Vacation

Oh so much to do. Is there anyone else out there that hates having a little too much prep time before a big event.

You start off with a flurry of activity, lists, lists about planning, lists about packing, lists of lists about the planning and packing. Then you get a bunch of stuff. Then for me it is always around the week or two prior mark that I get kind of bleh with it all. The next thing I know it is three days prior to leaving holy crap! I have things to do and see and pack and buy and clean and water and pet and and and and and.....

Yet I knew this time was going to come three months ago. Here it is three days before take off and I have eight gagillion things to do. I should probably be cleaning a bathroom or hauling suitcases down. Am I, no, I am blogging about procrastination. So I am even sort of procrastinating procrastination. Wow was that even a sentence? I don't know. Ugh, it seems some times that we get so worked up prior to a big vacation and drive our selves practically to drink that by the time it starts you are exhausted. I am really trying to fight that urge.

I promise to not worry about packing everything I own. I promise not to let my sister worry me in to packing everything she owns and I own. I promise that I will delegate things to do. I promise I will let my husband help me so I don't get overwhelmed trying to do everything.

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