Monday, April 13, 2009


I have good news to report troops!
The fat fairy came along and took another pound away. I am sorry if it made it's way to you.
Yesterday I survived Easter! I survived Grandma yum yum scratch made brownies, pound cake with lemon icing. All made from scratch! Betty Crocker doesn't have anything on my, I mean my husbands', (I am officially making her my grandma) grandma.
All I had was one small bite of a very small brownie. I had one, count it, ONE, spoonful of each of the five million side dishes and about 4 or 5 ounces of ham. I had two of the little bitty reeses peanut butter eggs. They were probably about as big as a grape each.
In my entire 33 years I have never had so little to eat at Easter dinner and the entire day in general. It was so difficult to get up and walk out and sit down outside when desert was being put out. In my moment of weakness I picked up a 1"by 1" brownie and took one bite, realized what I was up to and gave the second bite away.
The bestest thing that happened was family seeing my efforts. My father in law told my husband that I looked great. My new grandma told me that I looked great. I looked great! YEA!
I am excited today that this whole thing about being healthy for life is becoming easier and and easier to do. Yes there was some moments of anxiety yesterday, but I reminded myself that Easter is NOT about food, it is NOT about desert, it is about the big JC, family, remembering that we have been forgiven for our sins. So I remembered to forgive myself for my eating sins and put it behind me.


Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda! Hope you can read my comment. This is Michele. I have enjoyed the entries on your blog. Also, I want it to be known that I will never ever in a very long time eat another meatball sub from SUBWAY. I was convicted and have started my own weight loss!!

Amanda aka SuperPucky said...

Thank you Michele! I appreciate your compliments! Congrats you are the first to comment on my blog! That makes you the winner of....my undying gratitude!(and maybe a present from my trip to Disney World in two weeks) I am so happy to hear about your new weight loss endeavor, I wish you the best! God Bless, Amanda