Monday, May 18, 2009

Gratuitous Disney Photo Posts For Your Entertainment

(To enlarge double click picture)
SuperWeezie (sister), Fuzzband, and SuperPucky
Disney's Animal Kingdom
The Tree of Life in the background
We just left Mickey's Philharmagic at the Magic Kingdom
Notice who has Duck butt on her head and Duck face on his head.

Tom Sawyer's Island in the Background at Magic Kingdom

Move It Shake It Celebrate It Parade at Magic Kingdom

Love That Man of Mine!
We are on the Harambe Wilderness Preserve Safari at Animal Kingdom
Super Pucky At Animal Kingdom
The View is great From Here!
Steamboat at Magic Kingdom

Romanticle Horse Drawn Carriage Ride on our anniversary at
Disney's Port Orleans Riverside Resort
(where we stayed-loved it!)

SuperWeezie, SuperPucky, SuperFuzband
The Seas Exhibit at Epcot Center
SuperPucky(left) and SuperWeezie
Disney's Hollywood Studio's
Disney Will Bring out the Lover in you
The Happiest Place on Earth
Magic Kingdom
Happiest Pucky on Earth

Don't worry more pictures will come later..I promise :P

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