Thursday, May 14, 2009

I am shrinking! (bad Wicked Witch Impression)

Hello ladies and germs! I am now O-fficially 304. Yes you heard it 304 fooooooOOOOooour.
Yes I am excited to report that I am only five count em' five measly little pounds from 299!
I know that each pound lost is great and blah blah blah, but I want the first number to be a TWO!

This will be the first time my weight has started with a two in over FIVE years! I was so excited about my weight loss yesterday that it called for a new pair of shoes. Yes folks, Puck needed a reward. I got the cutest black sandally looking espadrilles I believe they are called. They are super cute and comfy and the best part only 20 bucks! Yes shopping victory of the day!

After finding uber cute shoes I needed to celebrate so I went out to play trivia at a local bar and wing place. Had a great time and discovered very good lite beer. Miller Genuine Draft 64, very nomable and low carb, cal, and still gives you that warm and swimmy feeling. I need to figure out what the celebration will be for 299? I think a spa pedicure will be in order. I haven't had one in some time and it will go well with the new sandals!

I also purchased a girdle. Yes you heard it right, a girdle, the kind Grandma used to wear. I was looking at myself in the mirror thinking you know if I could just suck my gut and tummy in all day I would look even smaller! I used to work for Catherines and Added Dimensions and they sold girdles, let me tell you something, they work. They keep everything from moving and shaking and put it all where it is supposed to be and keeps it there. So I broke down and purchased a long line pantie and tummy trimmer. It starts out below the bra and ends about mid thigh. This bad boy took me from a comfy 24 to a perfect fit 22 pair of skinny jeans. I put them on and could actually slide my entire hand flat against my tummy into the pants and back out easily. Anyone who has a big tummy/gut will know that is amazing. I cannot believe that I am wearing size 22 jeans when just last October I was bursting out of a size 32. Now a word to the wise, to get those kind of results it does take sacrifice, you won't be running the Boston Marathon in this girdle or tap dancing your way across a stage. It is tight, and constrictive but achieves desired results. It does make you stand up straight and think twice before ordering any fattening foods. I think I am going to get a second one next month. I think looking and feeling good has been a really good motivator for me to keep going.

Next month I will be celebrating my 34th birthday, I have decided to do it in style. I followed William Shatner's advice and hopped on Priceline negotiator! (singing like goofy commercial and doing karate move simultaneously) I got a room at the Marriott Charleston on the Ashley River which is four stars by the way for 99.00 dollars! Me and the fuzband are going to have a romanticle weekend in Charleston. I have booked us dinner at the California Dreaming restaurant which offers stunning views of the Ashley River as well and it is only a mile from the hotel. We are only a few miles from Folly Beach State Park which is a whopping 7.00 for parking and all the fun and sun I can tolerate. I am going to check on the horse drawn ghost tours to see how much they are. I cannot wait! Fun and romance all on the cheap! I figured I was done waiting for romantic things from my husband I will create it myself!

Ok everyone prayers and thin thoughts for me as I soldier forward toward 299.

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