Monday, May 11, 2009

Good Morning?

The following occurred between 6:00 AM and 9:00 AM (best Keifer Sutherland impression).
6:14 Snuffling wiener dog wake up call
6:15 AM let both dogs out.
6:16 AM return to bed and pass out.
6:16 AM to 8:59 AM ZZZZzzzzzZZZzzzzZZZZZ
9:00 AM rolling thunder
9:00 and 1/2 minute later AM realize dogs still outside
9:01 AM ask fuzband to get dogs
9:01 AM hear fuzband cuss from back door
9:02 AM begin futilely calling dogs from front and back door
9:03 AM get dachshund back in house and give cookie for coming when called
9:04 AM hear fuzband continue to curse and mumble about idiot dogs asking why dachshund gets cookie, explained he showed up when called
9:05 AM call stupid Jack Russell who dug hole in fence he returns to wrong side of fence (no hole) and looks at me with question mark ears and stupid guilty expression
9:05 and a half AM go to front door and get previously mentioned idiot Jack Russell in home
9:06 AM lightning strikes, bad storm surrounding house
9:08 AM weigh self, 305lbs Woo hoo
9:09 AM tell fuzzband about weight loss victory, his reply, "cool"
9:09 AM and 1/2 minute later fuzband begins complaining about dogs, work and life in general
9:10 AM Amanda looks at frying pan and back of fuzzband's head :P
9:15 AM Amanda looks at frying pan shrugs and goes back for frosted mini wheat induced coma
9:20 AM Amanda convinces fuzband that showering during lightning storm not a good idea as evidenced in previously viewed mythbuster episode where confirmation of getting zapped in shower was confirmed
9:30 AM check weather.com storm is passing
9:31 AM realize Fuzzband is already in the shower
9:42 AM begin checking blogger.com and post


Shannon (The Daily Balance) said...

just wanted to say hi -- just found your blog! I look forward to reading more ;)

Amanda aka SuperPucky said...

Thanks for stopping by comments are appreciated!