Monday, July 20, 2009

Pain, Goals and SuperPucky Family Report

Happy to exclaim that I am 89.9% pain free right now. Sometimes at night I will get a tweak or a twang of pain now and then. I think that is just from carrying around all this weight.
Fuzband is down almost 6 pounds! SuperFuzband is not in anyway obese just needs to drop a few pounds. Five and a half pounds for him is a big victory. Golly gee we are going to be the most cutest couple ever! :P Way to go Fuzband!
SuperWeezie is down 30 lbs, hooray! I suppose it is from being the presence of SuperPucky that the fat cells are fleeing in fear of my awesomeness. Actually it is from eating healthy, perhaps a healthy dose of pushy/bratty little sister and a whole lot of courage on her behalf. She signed up at the YMCA (yes the song is in my head now). (Huzzah and applause and whatnot for YMCA joining). She got all motivated and worked out, then we attacked the SuperCar (aka Weezie's Ford Tarus) and cleaned the bejeebus out of it. It even got a fancy pants air freshener from Yankee Candle.
Also the fat fairy was out and about last night she stole another pound from me. I am now 59 pounds down and 41 pounds away from my next milestone. Forty one pounds is so close I can taste it!
Yesterday I realized that I am quickly approaching 100 pounds from goal. When I started my goal weight seemed so far away that I dared not even imagine what it would be like to hit it. I did not want to build myself up to much only to dash my own hopes. Now I have realized how important it is to keep the goal on the horizon. If you can visualize success then you can be successful. Very zen way of thinking, and it works. I try my best before I go to sleep at night to imagine what it will be like to be smaller to be healthier. I imagine what it will be like to chase after my child and not get out of breath. What it will be like to get on all fours and pretend that I am a wild elephant and my knees won't kill me. What it will be like to tell people I have literally lost half my body weight in two years and watch the jaw open. To proudly tell people, "Yeah, I used to weigh 350 pounds and get the inevitable "How'dja do it, bariatric surgery, lap band?" Nope, just me myself and I.
I have been laughing in my head at the comedian Ralphie May from Last Comic Standing: "You know you are fat when you lose a 100 pounds and you are still fat!" At first I didn't think it was funny, now I am seeing the humor in it. I approach my first 100 pounds lost I understand what he meant.
To me 100 pounds down will be a huge event, a big accomplishment, something to be really proud of. To someone who just met me they will still see the bulges here and there and think "Wow she must have been really big to still be this big 100 pounds later." That was a sobering realization. It is good to sit back and revel in victory for a moment but the war is still raging. I am not not done yet.
So here's to 59 pounds down and 111 more to go (85 pound half way mark will be here soon!)!
Keep your feet on the ground and your ass out of the Nestle Toll House Cookie Shop.

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