Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Shopping in my closet and our "friend".

Yesterday I was putting away laundry and got tired of having to sift through all the clothes I haven't worn since God knows when. You know that favorite shirt from two summers ago that was on sale and looked so cute? Now when you put it on you feel like a pillow with rubber bands wrapped around it. I have quite a few of those shirts. They chronicle my ups and downs with weight loss (primarily the ups).

I took a deep breath and went through and tried everything on. Yes, everything. That should be considered cardio work out. I was busting a sweat, breathing heavy and exhausted by the time I was done. The cool part about it is I have three grocery bags full of shirts that will fit after I drop some weight. I get to go shopping in my own closet soon! This is incentive not to take that second helping.

I also did some thing that has never happened before, I pulled out clothes that were too big! Clothes that were too big and made me look crappy were sentenced to the the flea market pile. It felt great to have clothes I couldn't wear anymore because they were too big vs. too little.
I don't think I have ever had that happen to me. I have always given away my skinny clothes sadly. Giving them away made me feel as if I had given up any hope of ever wearing that size again. Now I have bags of shirts waiting in the wings that seem to say "See you soon!"

I felt so motivated I went on to my dresser pulling out the clothes that were classified as bumming around the house. They had gotten so bad that I would be ashamed to be seen in them. I even organized the underwear drawer. Now that is dedication!

Scales say I am up two pounds, I know where that is coming from. You know that lovely gift Mother Nature has bestowed upon us women. UGH. This is especially fun for us dieters that are living and dying by the numbers on the scale.

Since I found this cool little website http://www.ladytimer.com/. I get emails warning me of the impending urge to watch lifetime with a box of Kleenex and a bag of chocolate covered potato chips.

I have never been good at keeping track of our "friend" (should be fiend). She always snuck up on me and made me wonder why I was acting so bitchy. Wondering why that stupid Hallmark commercial made me burst into tears. She also sabotaged my weight loss efforts by making me think I had gained anywhere from 3-6 pounds in a few days. Until I started keeping track of her and my weight on a regular basis I had no clue how much this affected me. Looking back I think this could have been the reason for the failure of so many weight loss efforts prior to this one.

I have to say thank God for ladytimer because she has helped me realize that I am still on track and doing well.

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