Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Robbie Update

The little turkey I am baking currently weighs 6.8 pounds. He is fully cooked and can make his debut at any time now. He is currently parked upside down like a giant baby question mark. His butt is under my right rib and his feet are firmly planted under my left rib. He is practice breathing and we got to watch him take a few breaths. His lil' tummy was full of amniotic fluid so we could tell he was practice swallowing and suckling. We could actually see him fuzzy head so he has some hair going on up there. His cheeks are nice and chubby and round.
The only cause for a small amount for concern is that the umbilical cord is draped around his back and neck. It is not pulled tight and he could slip from beneath it. Maybe I need to hang upside down on the bed and wiggle my belly. (Lame attempt at humor) The tech called the Doctor who felt comfortable that he was breathing normally and practice breathing. She said there was no need for a fetal monitor. Of course I am nervous wreck about the whole thing and have been anxiously paying attention to make sure he is kicking and moving around in there. Which he has been quite a bit. Lots of thumps and bumps and stretches and bounces and even the occasional case of hiccups.
I have had this feeling the last few weeks that something is going to cause me to have a C Section. I would prefer not to, but, what ever makes sure Robbie gets here safe and sound is fine for me. We shall see what the Doctor has to say Thursday.
I have been trying to focus on other things since hearing this news yesterday which has been pretty much impossible. I am in a funk and I am worried, so any prayers and good thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
I am having flashbacks of what I was feeling right before my gallbladder surgery. I would not allow myself to get "too happy" about being pregnant or having a baby because of fear of losing him. Now that I have everything in place, he has a name; I have imagined myself with him. I can feel him moving, I have seen his face. It is all so real and I am scared. I haven't even officially met him yet and I don't want to lose him. I know I am probably jumping the gun and panicking for absolutely no good reason. Seeing the cord around him scared the hell out of me and I can’t shake that image no matter how many nice words were spoken. I feel like I need reassurance from the Doctor, a game plan, more information ANYTHING. I know that 3:00 on Thursday is only a couple days away but it seems like forever.
Ironically as I am typing Robbie is currently kicking the buhjeebus out of me making my belly shake. It is almost as if he is saying, " I am so screwed my Mom is a neurotic mess! Would you chillax lady!"
I have been told that this worrying thing will never end...even when he is all growed up....sigh......

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