Thursday, April 15, 2010

Superbaby Late Breaking News

I went to the baybee doctur todayee. (Reason for spelling like a spelling challenged individual is for prevalent feelings of stupidity)
Verdict on Superbaby wearing his cord like a cape.....it is normal, you shouldn't worry...lots of babies do this blah dee blah blah blur blee blah blur stop worrying you newbie Mom. My Doctor did however give me the choice of having a scheduled induction. Since I am a complete newcomer to all of this and a panicky new Mommy I let him make the call. Seeing as how he does this every day and this is,.... uhhh my very first baby. I figured his judgment call may be better than mine. He felt like letting Robbie show up on his own timeframe would give me the best chance for a vaginal delivery. Since I don't want to jump straight to a C Section unless it is absolutely necessary I was ok with his idea. The idea of knowing when he would be born really appealed to my inner control freak. Sensing that this was a snap decision, I decided to opt for the choice that requires more patience and allows Mother Nature to do her job.
As a safety precaution we are going to have weekly fetal monitoring via ultrasound and heart monitor. That way we can makes sure he hasn't decided to make the cord into a bow tie, or started putting in modular shelving. I am also on kick counting duty; I have to count kicks and bumps and thumps every evening between 5-7 pm. Each hour he should kick/move 10 times an hour. Anything less than 10 kicks an hour and I call the answering service and come in for monitoring at the hospital. We will continue with the monitoring for the next few weeks and base any further decision on the monitoring.
I feel pretty comfortable with his decision and advice. After all I am going to the best high risk OB clinic in my area and you can't get in without a referral. It is not as if this is the opinion of a gaggle of well meaning friends who have no medical training, or what my horoscope felt was the best thing to do.
That is all for now folks. I am going to forage for food in the kitchen.

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