Monday, April 19, 2010

What A Weekend

My child is misbehaving already and he hasn't even escaped from the womb yet. Remember the whole counting kicks thingy I am doing each night?? Night number one went swimmingly with 10 plus kicks each hour between five and seven. Afternoon and night two (last Friday) not so much. He was VERY quiet all day, and when it came to kick counting time he gave me 5 weak kicks on hour one and maybe 6 or 7 wimpy kicks/nudges on hour two. This is when the anxiety...first time mommy panic began to set in. I called the OB on call and let him know what was going on. He said probably nothing, but go down to labor and delivery at the hospital and let them ultrasound you and put you on a fetal heart monitor.

Mr. Fuzband and I trotted on down to the hospital with hastily packed hospital bag, and frayed nerves. After checking in and getting strapped into the monitor guess who starts just a thumping away on me like a bass drum? You guessed it Mr. Superbaby himself. Little booger's heart rate was right up where it should have been. Just to make Mommy look like a complete newbie freak out queen he was moving all around during the ultrasound showing off both sets of chubby cheeks.

I do have to say the hospital I went to has a reeeheaaaly nice labor and delivery department. My room was nicer than some three star hotels I have stayed in. The bathroom was enormous with a walk in shower with a nice built in chair. The room is the type you labor and recover in so all the equipment was right there. The room itself was gigantic and well laid out. It had a beautiful and huge Italian landscape mural on the wall opposite the bed. The ceiling tiles above the bed were a smoky opaque with the images of leaves pressed into them. I suppose when I am cursing and sweating and grunting for all I got I will be staring at these leaves and they will make me feel "tranquil" (heh). The nurses were super nice and the doctor on call was very calming and reassuring. Over all I was impressed.

Saturday I finished up decorating Robbie's room. My theme is "going places" from Wally World. It is airplanes, cars, trucks, and other vehicles done in bright colors. I have to admit it came out nice. I mean if I were a discriminating baby I would be all like "Whoa...." and "dude!" Let's just put it this way, it was inexpensive and I liked it and it didn't scream fuzzy ducks, lambs, fluffy clouds, and kittens and bleh. I promise pictures will be forth coming. I am just a little swamped with housework today.

Today was grandpa weekend too, we got to see both grandpa's on either side and hooray and huzzah they both took us out to eat! This is big for the Fuzband and I as our eating out budget has been slashed to less than half of what it was. That and the fact that you know being 9 months pregnant eating out can be the highlight of your day. I got to eat salad and teryaki-cajun chicken wings with salad on Saturday and Mexican food Sunday. YUMMO!

We also managed to get the car seat bases installed into the truck and car this weekend. I don't know who designs these things but...wow...could you make it a little more of a pain in the arse?! After much head scratching and manual reading and even a google for you tube instructions we finally got the bases installed. The first try they were just flopping around. I am sure they would offer no protection/support in the event of some accident. Finally we discovered that "LATCH" system thingy inside the middle of the back seats and were all "DURR". If the instructions just explained in plain English what a "LATCH" system is and how to find it I am sure it would have taken oh about a MINUTE to install. I have never really understood the safety concerns of parents until now. Now I want to wrap my child in egg cartons and bubble wrap the minute he comes out of me.

Must run folks, the dryer is screaming at me and I think I need to find some lunch. My stomach is shaking hands with my backbone.


Aimee said...

no worries, friend! better safe than sorry.

are you coping with the anxiousness of it all? i'm about to go crazy and i still have 6w2d left til my due date!!!

Amanda aka SuperPucky said...

I have been trying to stay busy as much as possible. I have been nesting like a lunatic. I think I smell a blog topic. I have been reading Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy and What to Expect.
I try to focus on the things that I want to do with Robbie once he is here and all the happy stuff. It is hard I get freaked out from time to time, but I am trying to not let it consume me.