Thursday, September 17, 2009

Working Girl

What SuperBaby looks like right now
I know my posts have been a little sparse lately. For that I do apologize. I have had a little bit extra on my plate lately.
I have been working a temp job and I thought it would be no big deal. Of course I thought that BEFORE I found out about Superbaby. It is amazing that something the size of a donut sprinkle can cause you to feel like you have run a marathon all day. I get home from work and I am ready to eat the first thing I see (run doggy run!). After I have found something to devour I go find my new best friend, Mr. Couch. Mr. Couch is my buddy, he is my pal, he is so comfy and loves me so.
I am really getting sick of the painful boobs which are getting bigger. That just plain frightens me. I have always been extra "blessed" when it comes to my spectacular boobage. Now I am frightened of what the titty fairy will be bringing me for Christmas. The Titty Fairy is a product of "The Girlfriends Guide To Pregnancy" which I HIGHLY recommend for anyone who is pregnant or thinking of being pregnant. It tells you everything from the amazing gas that you get to the weird sex dreams, to pooping during labor. Pretty much everything your Doctor won't tell you.
I also feel like I am getting ready to start my period at any second because I have what feels like the start of cramps all the time. Fortunately they are not the curl up in bed and cry cramps they are the "Oh Crap Where is my Tampons!?" cramps. (I know TMI, TMI, sorry you are just going to have to bear with me during this whole pregnant thing.)
I have my first appointment next week. Oh joy a pelvic exam! What I always wanted!!! I will bring you an update on all the news the Dr. has to give.
Why did they just have to show pancakes on TV!? I love pancakes, I love them almost as I love the Fuzband. Ok well maybe not that much, but, I do love them. Now I want pancakes and the pork chops in the kitchen are just not going to look the same.
I finally heard back from the "permanent" job I was waiting on and have been offered a position. Ironically enough I had scheduled an interview about three hours prior because I had not heard from the "permanent" job. There is no stress here because I know I HAVE a job. I am entertaining the idea of working for them vs. desperate and begging.
Until next time keep your feet on the ground and your underwear out of your butt.

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Tales of a Plus Size Pregnancy said...

They are right on about the weird sex dreams!! i have them all the time. Was trying to figure out how to work that into a post.

Also, when you see food on tv, you are instantly craving that food and will kill until you get it. You get this super power of suggestion cravings that consume you. You are in for a fun ride. :)