Thursday, September 10, 2009

Depeche Mode, Employment, and other Developments

Lots o' things happening in the world of Puck right now. Good things, interesting things, weird things and stuff.
Last week I was sooooo sick. Fuzband and I both got a nasty little cold, went to the Dr. got meds and guess who got sicker and who got better? Yes, was I the Lady of the Perpetual Whine and Sneeze who got very, very, very sick. As of today I can officially announce almost one week later I am back to 100%.
I have modified my diet to accommodate the flaming basketball reflux problem. I am avoiding all things acidy and drinking milk and eating small meals and blah de healthy blah blah. The only good thing that came of the vomit-go-round and the illness is the fact that I went from the brink of 299 to back to 291. I hate to lose weight that way, but, I will take lower numbers when I can get them!

Went to Atlanta last week (pre-illness) saw Depeche Mode, they rocked it out......best Concert EVER! I absolutely loved the stage show and the music was amazing. If this show ever comes near you I highly recommend it. I was actually able to snag a T-shirt that FIT yes I got a 2x and the thing fits! This is so way cool considering I have not been able to buy a shirt with a neat logo on it or design because my awesome boobage was too large.
The show was held in an amphitheater and the weather actually cooperated and was even on the coolish side. The atmosphere was very cool people were actually tailgating outside the concert blasting DM from their car speakers. Very very cool people, very very cool crowd. I met some really awesome DM fans and had the time of my life.
For concert accommodations I went on Priceline.com (yes I bet you are picturing William Shatner about right now doing his karate moves) and got the Fuzband and my girlfriend rooms at the Sheraton Atlanta for 50.00 each! The hotel was very, very nice but difficult to maneuver around in. There were two towers so each room had a north and a south twin. The staff was wonderful with the exception of the valets who practically attacked us upon arrival.
I have gotten a job, almost, I have taken the drug test and signed the offer letter. I am now waiting on a phone call to tell me that I have passed all obligatory background checks. A call to confirm that I have been offered a position with them O-ficially. This job process has given me the lab rat feeling, when exactly do I get that cheese? Not only do I have that iron in the fire, but I am working a temp job tomorrow and the next few days. Pretty simple, sit down call people and verify information for an online school, make 9.00 an hour. Yea!
Since I have the impending jobs coming up I needed to bolster my wardrobe with another pair of dress/casual pants and a pair of black shoes. Off to Avenue I went coupons in fist. Now from previous posts you have heard my tales of woe about wearing umpteen different sizes at different stores. So I was fully prepared to try on three or four sizes in each pant I tried on. To my delight the clerk found the perfect khaki's at a decent price. Do you know what size I wore? Do you? Hmmm? A twenty freakin' two! Holycrapomgwowzer! Yes the size 26 pants actually were SAGGY! They didn't have any 24's in that style so I was forced to try on a pair of 22's and they fit! They really fit! I mean yes they are a little snug here and there but that is nothing that cannot be smoothed out with the proper pair of Spanx. I am actually opting to buy my clothes slightly small right now so I don't shrink out of them when my weight goes down again. I actually bought a few shirts on clearance in anticipation of needing them when my other shirts begin to get a little too big.
Of course Avenue being Avenue I could not resist picking up a short sleeved light weight red ribbed sweater. (was that enough adjectives there for ya?) A long sleeved black one button lightweight cardigan and boots. Yes the mostest awesomest boots. I felt like Wonder Woman prancing around in the boots. The superhero feeling was there for several reasons, 1. I could put on a pair of boots with a heel 2. I could actually walk in them 3. They are flattering 4. they are stylish and in fashion. I got a pleather black pair with a nice little chunky heel and a pair of chocolate suede espadrille heel pair. How much did I spend for all the loot you ask? 102.00 for all of it. Yes, you read correctly two pair of boots, one pair of pants, one shirt and a cardigan for 102.00. I am still reeling myself, I saved over 50.00 in coupons and sale prices. I claim shopping coux of the week!
Lastly TOM is conspicuously missing. He was supposed to be here on September 2nd if you go by the last two cycles or he was supposed to be here on the seventh or eighth if you go on what my cycles USED to be. Umm today is now uh the 10th and we have no TOM. I took a pregnancy test about a week and a half ago when he first went missing and it came up negative. Now I am wondering should I go back and get another? Is TOM just hiding out because of all the stress and illness or is there a bun in the oven????? Will keep you updated.
Until next time keep your feet on the ground and your fingers out of your nose.

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Patty aka Tales of a Plus Size Pregnancy said...

Ok, super cool blog. You have kick ass taste in music. Congrats on the job. And keeping fingers crossed if you take another pregnancy test...