Friday, September 25, 2009

Ok so I can get all pregnant looking now

Oh happy day, my mommy clothes have gotten here. After using several pillows and finding just the right one I used it as a placebo baby. I tried them on and dare I say I looked...cute. I looked all mommy-ish. I mean I am sure my face will be much more puffy and my behind may be a bit bigger but I picked out shirts and pants that make being Mommy look pretty darn fetching. I think I got some threads that will take me from now until after the baby is born. I tried to follow all the Girlfriend's guide to pregnancy advice and buy: lightweight, stretchy, cotton, button down (for nursing), big enough, yet flattering clothing that will be suitable for work and home. That wasn't such a tall order to fill was it? I even got a pair of stretchy jeans with a big elastic waist that will more than accommodate me and superbaby.
I can still wear most of my clothes now and fortunately still have a few older bigger clothes to wear so I think I have enough of the size spectrum. I don't think I am going to run out of things to wear.
This morning was absolutely blissful. I woke up and ran to the potty as normal. Then I went RIGHT, BACK TO SLEEP! Oh, there was a low trumpet flourish and a beam of soft light went over my face as I drifted back off to night night land with Flap Jack and Rusty as my wingmen...um..er...wingdogs. I slept until 10:00 and it was everything I hoped it would be. I am really going to enjoy this last week of freedom and excessive sleeping.
The food cravings are in full swing, I have craved hamburgers, veggies, fruit, every dairy product you could possibly name, mac and cheese, baked potatoes, sweet potatoes, more veggies, chinese veggies, and did I mention I be lovin' on some veggies? I sort of roll with the cravings because 9 times out of 10 they are for healthy things. Speaking of food I have to go grocery shopping. I think this might be scary due to the amount of hunger I have been exhibiting, I may need to eat immediately prior to shopping. I can see it now I would come home with nothing but cheese, ore ida fries, and microwavable pizza and hamburgers.
Now off to make that grocery list....


Anonymous said...

Take it from me the person that gained 65 pounds with Alex...I craved french fries from mcdonalds... Stick with the good stuff - veggies and fruite...drink water when you are hungry and make good choices. ganing 65 when you should only gain 25-30 is not good. i was borderline diabetic with Katie and I gained 45 with her. your baby will love the healthy choices - Katie was my veggie eater and unfortunaly Alex's favorite food is a french fry. take it from experience, do not go for the fatty cravings, stick with what is good.

Leigh Ann

Amanda aka SuperPucky said...

I am doing ok so far as weight gain goes in the 9 weeks I have been preggo I have only netted about a 4 pound gain.
I will take your advice and lean more toward the good stuff.

Patty (Tales of a Plus Size Pregnancy) said...

The first trimester I totally craved nothing but fruits and veggies. I could barely stomach protein, but wanted those salads and fruits. 2nd Trimester, different story... Started to get my appetite back and wanted nothing but carbs and junk food. Keep up the good job on growing super baby!!! :)